Yoga has become integral to my life. I realized this today. I need to incorporate it more fully into my being. The physical stretching, the mental calming, the freeing breathing revitalize my body and spirit. And those attributes that most of us Westerners refer to as yoga are only a sliver of what yoga truly is.

I’ve always said that being in nature is the closest thing I get to a religion. This photo of my friend E was taken last year at A-Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Today I was particularly reminded of the importance of slowing down in a speeded up world. It also gives me an opportunity to notice aloud how exciting it has been to witness the transformation of E over the past couple of years into such an effective, positive yoga instructor and practitioner.

The light in me salutes the light in you.




About mkresk

M.K. is a free-spirited freelance writer, teacher, editor, and performer. She produces intelligent, crisp copy in a timely, cooperative manner. Her skill and experience ranges from creative to educational writing with some marketing and feature writing thrown in for good measure. She's focusing now on writing for children but is game to work on most anything!

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