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It’s A Mad, Mad World





The Show Won\’t Go On

Cell phone Risks

…and I choose to live dangerously.


Matcha, Matcha Girl



It has been so cold here for the end of May. I have been drinking oodles of tea. Recently I broke out my matcha green tea stash from our trip to Japan last fall. I have been saving this fun handmade “happy neko” cup that I acquired there for a special occasion. A quiet moment for tea meditation seemed just right. It isn’t even a traditional matcha bowl and I still need to get a special bamboo whisk to make it properly, but otherwise I tried to follow the matcha maker rules I know to a (ha ha) T. It was a decent representation this first go round. But now besides the wonderful memories and images that come to mind when I remember autumn in Kyoto, going to Shinto shrines with Masayo, and visiting giant Buddhas, I have to wonder what devastation many Japanese people are still dealing with as they sip their tea these many months after the tsunami. I need to find more ways to help. Maybe my Red Cross disaster relief training will be a useful next step.

Normal Day


I love it when my inbox tells me exactly what I need to hear. Sometimes the daily inspiration blasts courtesy of The Foundation For A Better Life really hit the spot. Here’s what I found today:

“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in the quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.”

Mary Jean Irion -writer, poet

An Adorable End To A Rottenish Week



I am frustrated at getting frustrated with myself. I totally realize that in the grand scheme of things cat pee, a few gained pounds, and job juggles are NOT major problems but still it has been a trying week. It was great then to intersperse TGIF with coffee, Pilates, a productive editor meeting, a birthday lunch, more coffee, a productive freelance/writing chat with this adorable guy and his adorable mom, tea, a heartwarming/wrenching talk with a great friend, more tea, always wonderful talks with my mom, and all four seasons in one day.

Artistry meets Technicality


L and MK

I got into an interesting discussion today with L, my voice instructor. We were discussing important aspects of performing music. It’s important to connect emotionally with the music and with an audience. It’s equally important to have technical skill and command of your piece. But one does not necessarily beget the other. Artists may excel in one category and fail miserably in the other. A plethora or dearth in any direction can doom you. It’s a blend of the two that necessitates a great performance, that marks a great performer. I tend to go waaaay overboard in the emotional department (I’m Italian!) and am striving to improve my technical skills without focusing solely on the notes. I’m sure it’ll be a life-long journey, but I have to admit if I had to pick one or the other I’m glad I’m emotionally-inclined. The technical stuff can be taught.