Powerful Women



I really need to write more about my awesome gym, The Inner Circle. It emphasizes functional fitness (think old school calisthenics like the Presidential Fitness Test from the ’80s plus the every day yesteryear jobs of my Eastern European ancestry, think pulling wheelbarrows, wielding sledgehammers, flipping giant tractor tires).

Besides the positive vibes given by the trainers and the folks who frequent the gym, what I love most there is that the work suits all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. Though she possibly may kill me for posting this picture, I just had to capture the amazing Miss B, shown here doing one of her many pullups today (she surprised herself by doing 10 on her first set of four) during our Prison Yard Fitness Camp. May my functional fitness last my whole life long. Thanks for showing us all how it’s done!


About mkresk

M.K. is a free-spirited freelance writer, teacher, editor, and performer. She produces intelligent, crisp copy in a timely, cooperative manner. Her skill and experience ranges from creative to educational writing with some marketing and feature writing thrown in for good measure. She's focusing now on writing for children but is game to work on most anything!

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