True Warriors




My friend T and I completed 3.55 “hellish” miles on “the craziest (bleep) day of your life” as the Warrior Dash was billed. In truth it wasn’t nearly as challenging as it sounds. I don’t know if it’s because I regularly do crazy things like flip tires and run in the mud for fun but these obstacles weren’t all that insane. With the exception of the flame jumping and the mud pit at the end, the run was really pretty tame. But it was pretty darn fun, too. Next year we need to have costumes. Here we are in our warrior helmets.


About mkresk

M.K. is a free-spirited freelance writer, teacher, editor, and performer. She produces intelligent, crisp copy in a timely, cooperative manner. Her skill and experience ranges from creative to educational writing with some marketing and feature writing thrown in for good measure. She's focusing now on writing for children but is game to work on most anything!

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