Good News!


copyright MK Resk 2012

The goodlets have not gone away, I promise. I’ve just been badlet about updating things publicly. One fun resource I found on this matter is this challenge that changes themes every month. Try it! It’s thought-provoking and fun.

There’s actually been a flurry of fabulousness that has come my way in the face of a few stressful past months. From ski dates to high school mariachi concerts to informational interviews, my personal weather report has been great. The general professional outlook is still a bit foggy now that I’ve decided to pass up an awesome job opportunity and chance to be in a cool town with cool friends in order to stay out west, but we’re convinced we’ve made the right (and difficult) decision for us for right now. I’ve focused on getting the best meteorologists in the area to help brainstorm some long-range sunny forecasts. It feels good to finally be accepting this place on my own terms and to be thinking of and developing some creative ideas and possibilities.

Oh, another goodlet tidbit:  yesterday while meeting friends late in the day at Coffee Cabin, the sole barista was doing a mighty fine job of handling the full house of customers, drive through clients, and occasional grumpsters who were yelling inexplicably at her for their popularity (and thus, full parking lot). Despite it all, this can’t-be-much-outta-high-school employee was cool as an Apple Blossom princess, even cheerily suggesting a flavor tweak to my steamer that enhanced it greatly. When she rang me up I handed her a five dollar bill. I promptly realized that she deserved the change much more than I did in that moment and told her to keep it. Her reaction was priceless. It’s always such a great feeling to pay it forward in any way, this time literally!


About mkresk

M.K. is a free-spirited freelance writer, teacher, editor, and performer. She produces intelligent, crisp copy in a timely, cooperative manner. Her skill and experience ranges from creative to educational writing with some marketing and feature writing thrown in for good measure. She's focusing now on writing for children but is game to work on most anything!

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