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Projects on the Homefront


I’m definitely still having a hard time readjusting to “normal” life back home in NCW. But immersing myself in great friends, great weather, and great projects keeps me inspired and motivated to keep doing work that’s worthwhile. I’m brainstorming about some exciting big projects, but in the meantime check out my latest writing endeavors. You’ll find tips on green spring cleaning here and information about the best little writing conference in Washington here.


Goodlets This Week–Thank You Notes


Reflections--copyright MK ReskI came upon an article this week that mentioned this book. The author, a lawyer and judge, felt dissatisfied with his life and decided it might help to express his gratitude more. So he embarked on a year of writing a thank-you note a day. How fantastic is that?! The best part is that cyber thank-yous didn’t count; he relied upon good old-fashioned snail mail to express his thoughts. I’m not promising to embark on the same project quite yet, but I am writing daily thank you notes for at least the next week. What better time of year to do so than just after the holidays?


Photo:  Reflections (copyright MK Resk)

Re. Solutions in 2012


New Beginnings--copyright MK Resk

The blog projects fell off the bandwagon a bit after a while but I’m back with renewed vim and/or vigor. I think I’m going to channel my sociologist ways and challenge myself to a few new projects this year. The first one starts today and I’m calling it “Goodlets.” It’s the promise to myself to find some way to help others each day in either a big, small, or in-between kind of way. I’ll try to document here as often as I can. Input is always welcome!

Happy 2012!

Goodlet #1: (starting small) — Engaged morose-looking grocery check-out clerk with energetic New Year’s greeting. It was exciting to see her entire demeanor change as she returned the enthusiasm with thanks and a mutual hope that it will be a good year.