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Projects on the Homefront


I’m definitely still having a hard time readjusting to “normal” life back home in NCW. But immersing myself in great friends, great weather, and great projects keeps me inspired and motivated to keep doing work that’s worthwhile. I’m brainstorming about some exciting big projects, but in the meantime check out my latest writing endeavors. You’ll find tips on green spring cleaning here and information about the best little writing conference in Washington here.


Like WOTR For Chocolate


This past weekend marked the sixth annualĀ Write On The River writing conference in Wenatchee, WA. I attended for the first couple of years, missed a couple while I was away from the area, and have been behind the scenes for the last two. This is a top-notch event. To paraphrase one of our attendees, it would make cities three times our size envious. It was useful to see things from all perspectives. As agent/editor appointment coordinator last year it was good to see the progress certain budding authors have made in the past year. As a writing group member who has been in absentia for the last few months it was great to catch up with my other scribes. As a board member it was exciting to see the authors we have talked about all year come to life. And as a writer it was both useful to receive excellent information from long-time professionals and inspirational to hear encouraging words from folks who are truly in the know. I can’t wait to see who we’ll bring in next year. Check out some of this year’s fabulous presenters:

Chelsea Cain

Naseem Rakha

Sarahlee Lawrence

Craig Welch

Louise Marley

Bob Mayer